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Really it boils down to TWO issues.  First is PERMISSION to Film, which may involve a charge by the ceremony venue, and Second the MANDATORY purchase of MUSIC COPYRIGHT License to permit Music on your FILM.

Some venues, usually Churches, may require that you pay an optional fee in order to permit that the ceremony can be filmed. Prices vary from ZERO to even £100 in some rare cases, more often such permissions cost around £30-£40 and needs to be organized between YOU and your Church.

Some Church Licenses will EXTEND to also include the fees for COPYRIGHT royalties to the MCPS, PRS and PPL (see notes below), so that you can do it all in one transaction. Other Churches don’t – they just provide “permission” to film, and leave the cover for music Copyright for YOU to resolve elsewhere. It can be confusing for you at first.

One way or another, there WILL be music on your FILM. From several sources such as a Choir, an Organist, CD music dubbed by us in edit post-production, Disco tracks, a live band at the party etc.

So MUSIC COPYRIGHT is an issue, and we will require that  YOU acquire the necessary (single) LICENSE to cover

the MCPS, PRS and PPL music royalties.

You can purchase these ONLINE from the authorised Licensing Agents PRS For Music  www.prsformusic.com OR sometimes your ceremony VENUE (Church or civic facility such as a hotel) will undertake to provide these when you make the booking with them for the event.

The legal and commercial issues are described on the PRS (Performing Rights Society/Service) website and it all sounds very complicated but really it isn't - it just costs you a few pounds - as low as £15 to £25 from PRS, sometimes a little more if done via your chosen Church.

The pricing of the License can vary a little depending on whether there is UP TO 25 minutes of music on the FILM, or MORE THAN 25 minutes of music on the FILM. The pricing increases by about £3 if the number of minutes is likely to exceed 25 mins. It is very unlikely that there will be more than 25 minutes of background music of all types, so you are fairly safe in purchasing at the UP TO 25 minutes level, but the choice here is completely yours. If you are confused about any of this just give us a call and we will talk you through it. It is pain, but it seeks to ensure artists are properly rewarded by royalties for the usage of their music on any media or format.

As mentioned above, the word MUSIC here covers many forms of sound, such as the Choir at the church if you have one, the Organist, the CD tracks that we use (or which you choose) on the FILM, the background Disco music if you have one, the live band or musicians at the party if you have them etc.

Don't try to understand how it all works within the music industry and the mechanics of how the artists/authors get paid their royalties - just PAY for the License either via your Church or via the PRS website link above.


We RARELY get asked during the event to confirm that a License has been purchased, BUT IT DOES HAPPEN so we strongly advise that you cover this off properly - and ideally send us a copy (you can do this electronically by email with the PRS License which they send you in PDF format by email) so that WE can ensure it is available to be shown ON THE DAY.

The last thing you want is for the Church verger, priest, reverend, or even Canon, or the civil ceremony Registrar, to prevent filming of the ceremony because there is no proof of Music License. SO once you have a License, either from the Church or via the PRS website, send us a copy and WE will make sure we bring it along even if you forget ! 

SO, a FINAL NOTE: Mari Jimages Video Productions take no responsibility for checking this so please ensure you understand that we expect you to have done this, and if  we  are refused permission on the day

you will still be required to pay  our full fees as ordered.

As a professional videography  business  we hold all the necessary Public Liability Insurances (£5M) for

operating within Churches and Reception venues, or in any other public area.